Play This: The Stanley Parable

Stanley Parable Screencap 1

It’s difficult to write about The Stanley Parable, a new Source Engine mod from a designer going by the name of Cakebread. Not because it doesn’t elicit thought or emotion (there was a ton of that) but because the brilliance of this little interactive narrative would be tainted by any sort of preexisting knowledge of its contents.

Here’s as much as I’ll give you: there are no guns, no visible enemies, no obvious goals. There’s just you Stanley, an office building and a narrator. At its core lies a commentary on the video game medium but that’s about as specific as I’ll get.

I’ll likely write-up a second post discussing my interpretation of the game, but of course you MUST play it before you read any of that.

All you’ll need to play this is Steam and either a copy of Half Life 2 (which you should already have because it’s Half Life frickin’ 2) or a copy of the Source SDK Base 2007. Really if you have Steam you probably don’t have much to worry about. Make sure to check the readme file for installation instructions (it’s dead simple).

Get The Stanley Parable here: