VideoJank: Fox News Wants to Protect Kids from Ideological Video Games That They’re Not Playing

One of my favorite things to write about is the laughable portrayal of video games in the mass media. While no one mainstream media outlet does a good job of covering games, Fox News has made it a habit of broadcasting or publishing coverage that’s just embarrassing (quite a break from their regular news coverage, am I right?).

In this segment from the September 3 edition of Fox and Friends, our host and his talking head doofus accuse games like SimCity Societies and Fate of the World of liberal indoctrination of children through exploitation and fear tactics.


This is probably the most laughable product of conservative over-sensitivity I’ve ever seen.

First of all, video games are not exclusively played by and most certainly not exclusively designed for children. What world does this guy live in where a 5 year old is playing Fate of the World!? I can’t even play Fate of the World! It’s an endlessly complex strategy game that simulates the fight against global warming and as such, it’s really frickin hard.

Next, and this is a silly point but still, SimCity Societies came out FOUR YEARS AGO. Why the hell is this moron complaining about it now?

The only people doing fear mongering in this scenario are Fox News. They’re instilling fear into their conservative audience by pointing out the imaginary threat of secret liberal ideologies in video games.

Honestly does anyone out there really think the children of people who watch Fox News are actually playing games like Fate of the World? I’m not saying they’re too unintelligent to handle its systems (wait, they are, they’re just kids), but rest assured, these are the 5 to 10 year olds yelling racist and homophobic obscenities into their Xbox headsets during Call of Duty multiplayer. Where’s Mr. Talk Head Doofus’ outrage over this consumption of incredibly violent media by young children?

Video games are a communicative medium just like books and film and like those other media, anyone with any sort of ideology can design a video game to reflect their beliefs. Some games will have messages, but I can guarantee you, those are not the ones aimed at kids.

Mr. Talking Head Doofus does, however, make a good point toward the end of the segment: these games are boring! What kid is going to want to play them?

No kid, that’s what. And that’s the way it was supposed to be.

Editor’s note: DAMN YOU KOTAKU! I’ve been putting this post together for a while and all this time no one was covering this video. But I turn my back for just a minute and Kirk Hamilton (a wonderful writer) puts up a brilliant summary of this tragedy.

About Matt Gerardi
Matt Gerardi is a journalist and musician. He also happens to write about video games.

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