E3 Predictions and Wishes

It’s that time of year again. The Electronic Entertainment Expo is right around the corner (less then three weeks away to be exact) and I thought it might be fun to talk a bit about what I expect and hope to see at the show.



Kinect for everybody!

  • Kinect has been very successful, shipping upwards of eight million units, but we know about hardly any upcoming software for the device. It will have a major presence at Microsoft’s show and we’ll see the debut of titles from across the casual-hardcore spectrum.
  • We should see showings from the Japanese publishers that announced titles at last year’s Tokyo Game Show. This means Steel Batallion, Project Drako (from some of the folks who brought you Panzer Dragoon) and some horror titles.
  • Harmonix will definitely be announcing Dance Central 2.
  • We’ll be seeing a game from Rare. It’s likely to be a sequel to Kinect Sports.
  • There will be an emphasis on hardcore titles (possibly the oft-rumored Gears of War Kinect game?)
  • Star Wars Kinect makes its debut, demoed by some dude being escorted by a troop of Storm Troopers.
  • We’ll see some more Kinect-Dashboard integration.

And Halo to you too!

  • We’re likely to see a Halo game make its debut and announced to launch this fall (likely in November)
  • Will it be the rumored Halo: Combat Evolved remake?


  • Prominent Gears of War 3 demo.
  • Also prominent Modern Warfare 3 demo.
  • Skyrim blows minds.
  • Crytek shows off Codename: Kingdoms
  • Mass Effect 3 demoed.
  • Bioshock Infinite gets demoed.

Media Deals!

  • There’ll be some talk of Hulu Plus, but you can expect the announcement of some new streaming deals.
  • Possibly Youtube.


  • Summer of Arcade lineup announced, led by Bastion.
  • Lots of showboating about Kinect’s success and the 360’s monster 2010.



  • Lots and lots of NGP!
  • We’ll get a real name.
  • We’ll get a price. Release date only if global launch.
  • Extended Uncharted demo.
  • Demos of more first party titles. Possibly Resistance or LittleBigPlanet

Move bitch!

  • Similar to Microsoft’s Kinect situation, Move is reportedly successful. They need to show off some more titles to support it.
  • Sorcery pops up again, this time with a more substantial showing.


  • We’ll get some new Uncharted 3 footage.
  • Resistance 3 demo. Possibly live multiplayer.
  • Assassin’s Creed: Revelations will take the stage for a limited showing.


  • There will be fleeting mention of the PSN debacle.
  • If we do see Last Guardian its 3D and Move support will be announced (the reasons for the delay).
  • Kevin Butler DOES NOT appear.
  • Ratchet and Clank HD collection


Project Cafe….or is it Stream….or is it Wii HD?…!

  • We already know Nintendo will be revealing their next console at the show AND it will be playable.
  • Lots of tech demos.
  • No details announced other than teases of games currently in development for the platform probably in the form of developer name-drops.

3DS is…getting better!

  • 3DSware and virtual console launch revealed and detailed.
  • DSiware to 3DS transfer solution detailed. People will bitch about it.
  • Details and demo of Super Mario 3DS.
  • Release date for Kid Icarus Uprising revealed.
  • A handful of first-party titles announced. Animal Crossing anyone?

The shambling corpse that is the Wii!

  • Another Skyward Sword demo.
  • The Last Story and Pandora’s Tower announced for American release (cause hey, why not?)
  • That Kirby game outed earlier this year is announced for American release. Launching this fall.


  • I’ve got nothing else for Ninty. Their path is pretty well drawn out: reveal and hype “Project Cafe” and regain some goodwill for the 3DS.

Third Parties


  • Need for Speed: The Run demeoed. Burnout: Crash officially revealed.
  • EA Sports branching out. New sports, new platforms (what-up microtransactions!) and new subscription-based club service.
  • Battlefield 3 multiplayer revealed.
  • Mass Effect 3 shown in great depth.
  • The announcement of a new project from Visceral Games.


  • Longer Assassin’s Creed demo.
  • Retooled Ghost Recon Future Soldier unveiled. Multiplayer demo.
  • Another title in the Experience line of artist-branded dance games. Beyonce perhaps?


  • New Platinum Games’ title revealed.
  • Sonic Generations disappoints.


  • Metro 2033 sequel shown off.
  • Insane keeps getting teased.
  • Lots of Saints Row 3


  • It’s a Metal Gear year. We see lots of Rising and the announcement of another title in the series. MGS5? Maybe, but I’m not positive on that one.


  • Grand Theft Auto 5 is announced.
  • A follow-up to Borderlands is announced.


  • Bungie’s project gets teased, but nothing substantial is announced.
  • Diablo 3 still not confirmed to launch in 2011. Open beta info detailed.
  • Modern Warfare 3 bonanza.

And now for the fun stuff

E3 Wishes


  • Allan Wake followup revealed.
  • The return of Milo.
  • HBO Go partnership announced, bringing HBO streaming to XBox.


  • God of War for NGP announced
  • The Last Guardian finally shows its ugly-but-charming, dog-rat-bird-shaped head. Release date to be revealed at TGS.
  • A full rundown, including timeline, of the PSN scandal.
  • David Jaffe does something crazy.
  • We catch a glimpse of Rockstar’s Playstation exclusive Agent. We have to hear about this at this year’s show. If we don’t, I would normally consider it cancelled, but one has to imagine Sony is just throwing money at Rockstar to keep the project alive and exclusive.
  • A Jak and Daxter PS3 reboot coming from developer Ready at Dawn.
  • Sly Cooper 4 revealed.
  • That Game Studio’s Journey gets demoed during the Sony presser


  • Project Cafe is revealed to be a highly-connected social console (this comes mainly from Sam Kennedy’s speculation over at 1up).
  • Second wave of 3DS titles revealed to not be super-disappointing, following the timeline of the original DS’s success.
  • A new game from Retro Studios is revealed as a launch title for Nintendo’s next console. How great would a new Metroid Prime title be at this thing’s launch? I’ve also heard rumors of Retro working their magic and updating Star Fox.
  • Pikmin 3 announced for Cafe.
  • Vitality sensor! In all seriousness, we’re not likely to see the sensor this year. Nintendo has stated they’re still working on it, but one has to imagine it’s on the back-burner if not completely halted now that the company is moving on to a new home console.
  • The announcement of a Mother/Earthbound collection for 3DS.
  • The announcement of a sequel to Luigi’s Mansion (a man can dream…)

Third Parties

  • Valve reveals their next non-DOTA 2 title (Half-Life, for the love of god!) [Update: Valve recently stated they are not showing any games at E3. Well that’s just great.]
  • EA finally reveals Project Redlime, their game in development at Chronicles of Riddick wunder-studio Starbreeze.
  • Konami announces a true 2D Castlevania for Live Arcade and Playstation Network. After the success of Shadow Complex and Outland I think we’re due for one.
  • Capcom reveals a new downloadable Mega Man, this time replicating the Super Nintendo era of the franchise’s history.
  • Rockstar announces the development of Bully 2 coming from their San Diego studio.
  • Harmonix announces a new artist-specific Rock Band title along the lines of Beatles.
  • Ubisoft finally shows off Beyond Good and Evil 2
  • Lucasart’s announces a sequel/followup to Star Wars Republic Commando.
  • THQ unveils a sequel to Darksiders

That’s about all I’ve got for right now. E3 2011 will be one of the most exciting shows in recent memory thanks to the new Nintendo console and what must be a ton of announced games getting shown off for the first time.

About Matt Gerardi
Matt Gerardi is a journalist and musician. He also happens to write about video games.

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