Little Help?: iPhone games

So you just got your hands on a shiny new iPhone. You’re thinking, “man, I sure could use a couple cool games for this thing, but what do I get?” The app store is a vast wasteland dominated by top ten charts, 99 cent firesales, and flatulence simulators. Finding your way to the diamonds in the rough is a daunting task, but there’s no reason to dive into it head first all on your own.

I’m here to help.

This’ll be a recurring feature where I highlight one or two iPhone games that are worth your time or money. In the meantime remember, Twitter is your friend. Start following some game industry types and you’ll be in the loop in no time.

Anyways….on with the first installment!

Flight Control (Firemint)

A veritable iPhone classic. The game is simple: you’re essentially an airtraffic controller attempting to direct three types of aircraft to their respective landing strips. Touch a plane then drag your finger to create a route to its landing strip. That’s it. The game is simple for the first 10 or so landings, but soon enough you’ll have your fingers full trying to direct several planes at once. As soon as two planes collide it’s game over.

Endlessly replayable, incredibly addictive, and perfectly suited to the iPhone, Flight Control is an essential purchase for any user. Best of all? It’s only 99 cents.

App Store Link: Flight Control

Look out for the next “Little Help?” post where I’ll discuss two more standout games.

About Matt Gerardi
Matt Gerardi is a journalist and musician. He also happens to write about video games.

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